Anonymous Question Asking SNSs – Ask.FM & its latest consequence

These are just three of the articles that have infuriated me in the past 24 hours. 4 deaths in the UK in the last 12 months, based on Ask.FM alone – and that’s just the ones reported on here. I think there’s really something worth looking at here (, Q-Me, Formspring etc.) in terms of Cyber-bullying and ‘social networking’. I feel the issue lies in the ability to remain anonymous on these sites, as opposed to Facebook, Twitter etc. I have firsthand seen the horrific statements kids can say to each other on Ask.FM, it’s really not right. Yet thousands of young people continue to sign up to these type of anonymous-question-asking websites. Is the need for peer-acceptance or peer-feedback so great, that it’s worth subjecting ourselves to potentially hostile, negative and hurtful comments that can be seen by everyone and cannot be controlled?

Found Hanged, Schoolgirl Hannah Smith Told to Kill Herself by Online Bullies

PM David Cameron urges boycott after cyber-suicide of bullying victim, Hannah Smith

Ask.FM Bullies Still Taunting Victims

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  1. lmaxwell
    August 19, 2013 at 10:58 PM

    What does this say about attention seeking behaviour online? If many of the posts came from Hannah herself it adds another layer to how young people are seeking attention online. Clearly if this is true then she wasn’t seeking attention for superficial reasons but out of some deep seeded issues with herself.

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