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Drone hits athlete while filming

River of blood after drone hits triathlete Not sure whether the link will work (posting via iPhone) but apparently a drone filming a triathlon hit an athlete. CASA is investigating, but the drone owner claims it was maybe hijacked.

The effect of digital technologies on memory

http://www.theage.com.au/technology/sci-tech/rebooting-your-memory-20131031-2whyq.html This article provides a reasonable overview of different ideas about what happens to memory when we outsource the storage of detail info (ie we don’t store things in our memory if we can look them up on google)

Been Bored lately?

Been Bored lately? from The Age Social media and iPhones aren’t a cure for boredom so much as a distraction from it. And it is a distraction that has the twin effect of contributing in the end to the very…