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Woman Murdered in Melbourne on Monday

Lucy – The first 2 sentences of this article reminded me immediately of your review paper! Sadly another case to add to your media review.

Untangling the Web

Here’s an interesting blog I follow on Tumblr. Aleks Krotoski has a PhD in Social Psychology and she looks at how the internet influences people and their relationships. She looks at some of the bigger, scarier, questions of what the…

Digital Natives Assessment Scale

Scary, but true, and maybe useful for Louise? The purpose of this study is to address a gap in current research on digital natives by developing the Digital Natives Assessment Scale DNAS. It is a self-report instrument designed to measure…

Phone phobia in Gen Y?

While certain generations think of the phone as a source of friendly interaction, 26-year-old Jordan Cameron sees an old fashion phone call as intrusive. Read more: This article from The Age suggests that Gen Y people don’t answer the…

Social Media Stars

FYI Louise- ‘need for attention’ surely fits in somewhere when you consider this!!!!