About DTTLab

The Digital Technologies and Training Lab is led by Dr Lisa Wise and Dr Jason Skues, who are all staff members in Psychological Sciences in the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design at Swinburne University of Technology.

Our research collaborators include:

Our  higher degree research students include:

  • Dr Lucy Maxwell (now at RMIT)
  • Dr Louise La Sala (now at Orygen)
  • Aly Alipan (PhD submitted)
  • Luke Crameri (now a PhD student at Deakin)
  • Felip Marti (PhD submitted)
  • Steve Groves
  • Sam McKay
  • Deepa Prabhu
  • Marten De Man
  • Mathew Wakefield
  • Tony Nguyen
  • Michael Addorisio
  • Elizabeth Hutton
  • Karen Hall

Past students

  • Esmerelda Lambe
  • Michaela Riggal
  • Olga Paramboukis
  • Lisa Johnston
  • Michael Egan
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