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University students, you are being watched

You are being watched and tracked “to help understand learning processes” – really???? And if I wanted to do this for a research project, rather than for business purposes (student “engagement” is about┬ástudent retention, which means students continuing to be…

Five mini book reviews:┬á – Daniel Willingham

http://www.amazon.com/review/R115YBHMM18J48/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=0300166311&nodeID=283155&store=books via Five mini book reviews:┬á – Daniel Willingham. Note the somewhat unenthusiastic response to dana boyd, and there is also a link in the comments to this review and comments on this review. I didn’t see that boyd’s work…

Gossip and social grooming

It is probably worth reading some stuff on gossip and primate “social grooming” as a basis for understanding behaviour on social network sites. Gossip in Evolutionary Perspective Research on Gossip: Taxonomy, Methods, and Future Directions Evolution, Alienation and Gossip

Drone hits athlete while filming

River of blood after drone hits triathlete Not sure whether the link will work (posting via iPhone) but apparently a drone filming a triathlon hit an athlete. CASA is investigating, but the drone owner claims it was maybe hijacked.

Kids online: parents, dont panic

Kids online: parents, dont panic | Life and style | The Guardian. I’m not much of a Dana Boyd fan, probably because I think statements like this “There is little doubt that socialising online is rewiring teens’ brains, to allow…

New social networks must not be too social

New social networks must not be too social. Louise – this article has some nice distinctions between public/private, nonymous/anonymous, exclusive/broadcast and different timelines. The article itself doesn’t say anything too special, but the distinctions are nice.