School dumps cut-throat VCE ranking

Students at one Victorian school will become the envy of all teenagers, as they wave goodbye to the ATAR from next year.

Under a proposed new model, students at Templestowe College will be given the option of applying for any course at Swinburne University without an ATAR.

Entry into the university’s courses – which will include the full gamut of undergraduate degrees – will be based on new measures of student ability: grit, leadership and strong inter-personal skills.

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Source: School dumps cut-throat VCE ranking

How progressive of us, but it is slightly bizarre that students:

will spend much of their final year of school completing a long-term project, in which they will demonstrate their skills in their chosen area, and write a thesis about their project, and their reasons for choosing their university course.

given that, at the more appropriate levels of Honours and PhD, theses seem to be going right out of fashion!

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