Five mini book reviews:  – Daniel Willingham

via Five mini book reviews:  – Daniel Willingham.

Note the somewhat unenthusiastic response to dana boyd, and there is also a link in the comments to this review and comments on this review.

I didn’t see that boyd’s work was necessarily incompatible with Turkle’s take on things, and I also don’t think that “calm down, teenagers haven’t changed” is the same as “teenagers are safe online”. Some of the criticisms of boyd seem to be that she is misrepresenting the real risks to adolescents online due to the specific nature of the online medium, whereas my (and her) criticism of the criticisers is that they misrepresent the risks to adolescents in the real world …

Either way, it’s important to see where the criticisms will come from in multidisciplinary or cross-disciplinary work, and one criticism of boyd is that she doesn’t know anything much about adolescent development. It is important to make sure that we do!

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