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Here are some digital research centers that i like to keep up to date with, i thought some of you might too!

“Center for Children, Adolescents and the Media” is run by the University of Amsterdam. I came across them by reading quite a lot of Patti Valkenberg and Jochen Peter’s work on identity and young people online.

I also noticed that the researchers at this center present each year at the ‘International Communication Association’ conference – which looks like it might be of interest to us. Next years conference is in Seattle, May 2014. Papers are due by 4th Nov, 2013.

Next year’s focus or theme is ‘The good life’ and it looks like your work (Jason, Lisa & Ben) on Boredom and PIU (SNS) might fit in quite nicely! I’d be keen to try and get something together for it (time permitting).

Another center that is producing some really interesting research is the UCLA Children’s Digital Media Center. I came across this group because i was continually coming across articles in my original literature search by Patricia Greenfield and Kaveri Subramanyam. Them, and their researchers at this center, have done a lot of work on SNSs.

Lastly, i joined a mailing list of a very multi-disciplinary internet research group, and i keep my eye on ideas thrown back and forth – which is good seeing as these ideas aren’t just coming from a psychological framework.

Let me know what you think or if you find them interesting. I think it’s a good idea to see what other groups around the world are up to. Maybe these centers started of as a lab group just like ours!

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  1. lwise
    July 8, 2013 at 6:45 AM

    I like the idea of the Seattle conference! I think you need to crack the whip so that we have some things to present there!

    (I also took the liberty of editing the post so that the links are clickable – if you highlight some text, there is a link tool in the editor that becomes available but it isn’t available without text already highlighted. I copy the URL as you did, then I highlight it and paste the URL into the link thing. You can select whether the link opens in a new window or not, and you can do fancy other things that I tend not to bother with, like describing the link, which then possibly shows up when you put the mouse over it, or something …)

    (I also also added two of the links to the Blogroll on the side – you can do that by going to Links in the Dashboard, and you can make new categories too – you will see how the adding of links displays down the right hand side of the site).

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